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10 Reasons why Gochela Trek should be on your bucket list

Himalayas is known for its enchanting beauty of mountains and soothing environment, Gochela is one of such places situated in West Sikkim; at an altitude of (16,207ft). This place is a mixture of beauty, culture, challenges and full of experiences.you can spot various other peaks from Gochela such as Kanchenjunga, ( world’s third-highest mountain peak), Rathong, koktang, Simvo, and many others.

  1. Splendid sunrise

Gochela Trek is also known as the Kanchenjunga base camp. You can see the splendid sunrise while passing by Goechela pass. Passing by the campsites of Thansing and Lamuney, heading towards Gochela pass; you can spot the Kanchanjunga range and the mesmerizing sunrise behind the peaks looks phenomenal.

  1. Picturesque landscape

The starting point for the trek is Yuksom, you will crossing dense forest and small water streams. Once you have reached Sachen, the camping destination. You will be experiencing the beauty of open grasslands and mountains. The trail from Toshka to Dozangri is full of scenic views. Before reaching Goechela pass , you are going to experience an uneven terrain and moraines.
Each day is full of adventure and beauty.

  1. Village Life

During your trek of 10 days, you will be experiencing a different way of living and setting up tents at a different location and meeting new people, experiencing the life and culture of village people. The simplicity and hospitality of the people will win your hearts.

  1. Mix of culture

Sikkim has a population of both Hinduism and Buddhism with the influence of Tibetan culture. Dubdi monastery is located in Yuksom. The local people worship mountains as a god and have there own importance of mountains, forests, and rivers.

  1. Nature’s Paradise

Goechela trek is located inside the range of Kanchenjunga national park, you need to take permits to enter into the national park. The place is rich in terms of Flora and Fauna and has a variety of birds and wildlife. The forset is completely covered with the Rhododendron trees and a variety of blooming flowers.

  1. Perfect for pictures

This place is the perfect picture paradise for the trekkers, the stunning landscape, alluring snow-capped mountains, and splendid sunrise and sunset offers so many opportunities to click and capture the beauty of the place. Every time of the day offers you an opportunity to capture the beauty in its natural colors.

  1. Challenges on the trek

The difficulty level is moderate to difficult. Anyone with a basic level of physical fitness can do this trek, all you need to do is involve yourself in some physical activities like stretching, jogging, cardio, strength training, will help you a lot during the trek and allow you to complete the trek with full ease. The trek is full of steep and rocky paths. As you move up the temperature may also fall depending upon the season.

  1. Ideal place for camping

The place facilitates you with, living in a hut or camping in the middle of the mountains.camping is always fun and full of enjoyment under the twinkling sky and bonfire. Some times the weather conditions become harsh and make difficult to camp, therefore hut gives you comfort with basic accmodation facilities.

How you can prepare yourself for the trek

It is important to remember the trek goes through uneven terrain with steep and gentle curves. Therefore the trek not only requires to be physically fit but mentally fit. It is a trek of 8days with 90km in total. On a daily basis, you will be trekking for a long period of time and it may be tiring.
To carry on this trek you need to be physically fit; try to involve yourself in some cardio exercise, jogging, running and cycling to build up stamina. Practice some stretching in order to avoid strain in the muscles while climbing steep climbs. A little bit of strength building is necessary for the level of the trek.
Practicing some yoga and pranayamas can prove very helpful to fight any kind of mountain sickness or anxiety.

Things to carry

1.   Filterable waterbottle
2.   Wollen clothes(sweater, jacket, gloves)
3.   4-5 pair of socks
4.   Mosquito repellent
5.   First aid box with necessary medicines
6.   Protein bar and snacks
7.   Raincoat
8.   Reusable plastic bags
9.   Trekking shoes
10.Trekking equipment
11.  Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats/caps

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